No update for 8 months?

  • 30 July 2013
  • Tony Clark

First of all apologies to everyone for not updating this for a while - 8 months is a while I must admit.  Don't let the lack of update reflect badly on TACA or think we haven't been busy trying to get a myriad of projects and plans completed.  It has been frantic


L.E.H Baigent Memorial Reserve

A huge thank you to the people who got involved in recovering the reserve back into community hands.  From TACA Hamish Rush did a superb job, and put in many many hours - if you see him, give him your thanks, as without him, Ron Oliver and David Easton the reserve would not be ours to enjoy. Thank you to TDC who also put in a massive effort to retain the reserve.

In the following few months there will opportunity for us all to get involved and help make it ours again.

This was a huge undertaking and it was great to see the whole community from around the world support the process to retain the domain.  Enjoy summer at the domain.

Tasman Domain Underpass / Edible Orchard / Improvements

For those who haven't got down to the Tasman domain for a time, you should go and enjoy the area.  While there have a look at the wonderful underpass mural.  The work was designed by Adi Tait, and painted by Adi and a team of volunteers.  It is a nice simple design that is effective clean and crisp.  Thanks to Adi and team for working on some very cool days.  The wind certainly can go down through the underpass!

Under the guidance of Hamish and Steve, more trees have been added to the edible orchard over the winter.  There is quite a selection trees growing now, and when mature, will be a superb asset to us all.

The underpass entrance and path up to Harley road have also got some attention, with cleaning up and planting.


Current concerns and projects we are currently working on

  • Bus shelter opposite the Tasman store in Aporo Road
  • Continued improvements to the old sawmill site
  • Continued work with The Great Taste Trail to help the cycle trail through the Tasman village
  • Civil defence initiative
  • Support of the Gateway Sculpture project
  • Improving Harley Road safety


Remember that TACA is a community organisation and we welcome your feedback and thoughts regarding anything that may improve or may need attention in the community.

Enjoy the summer






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