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The Tasman community on the Ruby Coast covers the area from the Bluffs, with its stunning views across Tasman Bay, to Mariri and the lovely vistas across the Moutere Inlet to the Mt Arthur Range. It embraces the communities of Tasman Village, Kina Beach and the Kina Peninsula.

This area has traditionally produced apples and pears and has been very much a rural landscape.

In recent years we have welcomed the addition of vineyards and olive groves, along with a growing artistic community. This makes Coastal Tasman a unique place for the visitor to enjoy, with potteries, vineyards, studios, beaches, a golf course with outstanding views, cafés, and an excellent range of accommodation — with the bonus of friendly local people who will always make you very welcome.

Coming TACA events

Thursday 28 September 2023, 7.30pm
TACA monthly meeting, Tasman Church

Thursday 26 October 2023, 7.30pm
TACA monthly meeting, Tasman Church

Thursday 30 November 2023, 7.30pm
TACA monthly meeting, Jester House Café

No meeting in December 2023


Community Events

  • Working bees for our Te Mamaku Drive revegetation project over the summer and in July/August 2023
  • Ongoing working bees throughout the year at LEH Baigent Reserve

Current Community Issues / Projects

  • Baigent Reserve
  • Tasman Domain improvements
  • Development of walkways & cycleways, including Great Taste Trail
  • Te Mamaku Drive Native Corridor project

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